Meet the cast : Chantelle Jamieson / Girl in the Machine

April 15, 2019

We spoke to Chantelle Jamieson about her upcoming role in Girl in the Machine.

Girl in the Machine is very much a play for our time. It’s a beautifully insightful piece of writing that explores the limits technology places on our relationships. We take our technology everywhere with us, it means we’re never truly alone, even with our partner. It’s so easy to just chuck on Netflix at the end of the day and escape rather than sit down and have an in-depth conversation with your loved ones –  much more fun too, but what do we lose through that dependency? Girl in the Machine is about a couple trying to stay connected to each other as new technology seduces its way between them.

This production also happens to have an incredible team on board. Claudia Barrie is one of the most passionate, inspired directors working in the Sydney scene. Brandon McClelland is a truly special actor with an incredible ability to imbue each of his characters with a depth of humanity. I’ve also been fortunate enough to work with the two Ben’s (Brockman and Pierpoint) before- they will no doubt make Girl in the Machine an immersive exciting experience for the audience.

What do you look for in a role and what drew you to Girl in The Machine?

The most important thing for me when I’m taking on a role is having an emotional connection to the writing. I need to know that I can emotionally invest in this person’s story. You have to perform the role each night and rediscover it anew – that‘s much easier when you feel like your character’s story matters.

For me Girl in the Machine uses technology to explore about depression and how it can isolate people in even the most intimate relationships. Having been close to many people who have battled with depression, this was a story I could really get behind.

What is your relationship to new technology  –  are you an early adopter?

I like to take it slow with new technology. I don’t love the thought of all my data being shared with those nefarious 3rd parties, but then when I finally get my hands on a new gadget – I’m done.

What have you been working on?

I’ve just wrapped up a show, Fierce, at the Old Fitz Theatre which was the Sydney debut of a new Australian play by Jane E. Thompson. That came hot on the heels of closing in Sport for Jove’s Rose Riot over the summer. I also recently filmed a couple of roles in feature films, Peter Rabbit 2 as well as an Australian feature called June Again, which Noni Hazlehurst is starring in.

What is your connection to Western Sydney? 

My very first gig out of drama school was at the Riverside theatre, a production of Alex Buzo’s Macquarie. I’m super excited to be returning to Parramatta for such a special piece and the opportunity to work with such a gifted team.

20 – 29 June 2019