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5 – 14 November 2020

Western Sydney composer/lyricist Jye Bryant’s musical is a wonderful expression of the challenges of human connection and is perfect piece of live theatre for a community emerging from social isolation and challenging communication channels.”  Broadway World Australia

Kiehne takes the score and transforms it with keyboard synth and 80s pop sensibilities. It’s brilliant work.”  “This new setting has also inspired a colour-blocked pleasure of a set (James Browne) and Verity Hampson brings 80s panache to a lighting plot that’s part rainbow, part compass. They bring pockets of joy“. Sydney Morning Herald

“The one act musical set a lively and engaging pace. It had compelling drama, humour and strong songs.” Stage Whispers

Jye Bryant’s celebrated musical is brought to bright, beautiful, technicolor life by Riverside’s National Theatre of Parramatta

9 January – 18 January 2020

★★★★ “Rush for tix – don’t dawdle.” – Diana Simmonds, Stage Noise 

★★★★ “…director Dimitriadis delicately calibrates performances, pace and atmosphere as the play takes a sharp turn from joyous bedlam into dark places and revelations.” – Diana Simmonds, Stage Noise 

★★★★ “Lady Tabouli is a remarkable achievement, both as play and production; and in the performances of the four actors. It’s an economically entertaining 90 minutes of acutely-observed and unflinching docu-drama.” – Diana Simmonds, Stage Noise 

★★★★ “…the performances are uniformly excellent.” – Veronica Hannon, Theatre Now 

★★★★ “This show is a joy to behold. I recommend it unreservedly.” – Veronica Hannon, Theatre Now 

“Elazzi’s writing is powerful and passionate. Its incisive honesty provides an urgency that grips us, having us invested in the family’s story, regardless of where we stand in relation to its arguments.” – Suzy Wrong, Suzy Goes See

“There is a depth to the way its characters and narrative are presented that absolutely captivates, alongside a sorrow that sings with disarming authenticity, of rejection and of loss.” – Suzy Wrong, Suzy Goes See

“Actor Antony Makhlouf is a compelling Danny, accurate in his portrayal of frustrated despondency, for a young man caught between two worlds.” – Suzy Wrong, Suzy Goes See

“Dino Dimitriadis directs this production with the compassion and imagination for which he is highly respected across the Sydney theatre scene.” – Carol Wimmer, Stage Whispers

“Elazzi’s portrait is warmly funny and seems very much grounded in reality. Lady Tabouli has a fly-on-the-wall quality to it that draws you into a complex dilemma in which faith, traditional notions of masculinity and social standing within a tight-knit community all play a part.” – Jason Blake, Audrey Journal