19 – 21 Jan 2024

This complex show will bewilder and awaken audiences at the Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House- Sydney Scoop

An audience address becomes a play without you noticing. But Javaad Alipoor’s work questions the nature of a play, just as it questions the internet’s deception that everything can be known, or how a refugee pop star becomes a murder victim, or what it means to be Iranian but unable to live in Iran. – Sydney Morning Herald

Emami charms the audience with his personal anecdotes, delivered with exceptional affability. – Suzy Goes See

“Things Hidden” challenges us to look to the periphery of society in the global North – to acknowledge subaltern groups and their invisibility to a majority who have no need to look for them. – Theatre Now

14 February – 11 March 2023

★★★★★ “Choir Boy delivers in every single way.” – Time Out
★★★★½ “[Darron] Hayes is a force to be reckoned with” – Theatre Thoughts
★★★★ “Hayes is a livewire Pharus: funny and sassy” – Sydney Morning Herald
★★★★ “It’s a privilege to see an international and local cast of this calibre come together. All deliver nuanced performances“. – Limelight
★★★★ Hayes finds that aware self-discipline in a stunning performance that reaches into the hearts of the audience” – Stage Whispers
★★★★ “A poignant work of theatre “- Suzy Go See
a heart wrenching gut punch of a powerhouse work of masterful theatre – so carefully crafted and performed with such passion, it is not hard to see why audiences are flocking to see this production.” – Arts Review
★★★★  “Darron Hayes, is an effervescent, superbly engaging lead. He’s complemented by brilliant supporting players” – Arts Hub

19 Oct – 3 Nov 2023

The diverse casting of the play is a tribute to the vision of the creative team and National Theatre of Parramatta, which continues to cast in a way that reflects the community of Parramatta on stage and in the creative teams. The ensemble works well together. The supporting cast move deliberately and without pause from one role to another, using their physicality, small costume changes and props to signal their transitions. –  Artshub

Priscilla Jackman has stayed true to Felicity Castagna’s characters and the Parramatta that she writes about so clearly and lovingly.  Rosa and Asheeka show how places like Parramatta are full of thousands of “complicated and contradictory stories” that are rich and exhilarating. Jackman’s and her creative cast and crew show how theatre can bring those complications and contradictions to the stage in a “pulsating and contemporary Australian work”. Stage Whispers

27 July – 5 Aug 2023

★★★★ Any culture which seeks to dominate, to bully and demand compliance, deserves to be challenged. To be dissected and exposed. The National Theatre of Parramatta’s programme to support such work is to be lauded and supported. – Theatre Now

‘Fade’ is a powerful play – Absolute Theatre

Insightful drama with comedy, brought vividly to life – Sydney Arts Guide

A profound critique of affirmative action and show business culture. – Artshub

18 – 27 May 2023

Warner has created six characters of terrific depth that weave their way through the familiar tropes of teen pop stardom. – Cultural Binge
Girl Band is a rock solid drama with great performances

★★★★ Girl Band is an important play, one that highlights how far the entertainment industry has to goLimelight 

Directed by Lucy Clements, Girl Band by Katy Warner is a wonderful satire on the music industry and pop culture – but it’s also a poignant exploration of power. – Theatre Red

[Girl Band] is smart, fresh, funny and moving, and while it criticises the pop machine, it loves the music. –   Sydney Morning Herald
Girl Band is electrifyingSydney Morning Herald

★★★★ “All the underling messages… explored with both irony and satire… do provide an entertaining night of live theatre.”
“Highly Recommended.” Sydney Arts Guide


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“It’s not just that directorial debuts don’t come any stronger than this, few productions of any sort do.”
★★★★½ –  Sydney Morning Herald Guards at the Taj

★★★★ “Lady Tabouli is a remarkable achievement, both as play and production; and in the performances of the four actors. It’s an economically entertaining 90 minutes of acutely-observed and unflinching docu-drama.” – Diana Simmonds, Stage Noise 

★★★★½ “A dazzling production that has you riding the roller-coaster plot with your jaw on the floor at the brazen, daring brilliance of the writing. It’s a play that feels fresh, fearless and very funny”.  Jo Litson,  Limelight White Pearl

★★★★ White Pearl  “It’s funny, insightful and packed with extraordinary erudition about the slang of diverse Asian cultures.” John Shand, The Sydney Morning Herald

★★★★½ Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam is potent work, its pivot-point being Wol’s moment of blind fury at the injustice of her fate. Truman plays this with such heart-breaking conviction that you feel it shake the room to its core.  John Shand – Sydney Morning Herald

★★★★ “A drama of big ideas. Stolen is both original and ambitious. Daily Review

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