2022 Media

24 February – 5 March

“It’s not just that directorial debuts don’t come any stronger than this, few productions of any sort do.”
★★★★½ –  Sydney Morning Herald

★★★★ “Focusing more on the emotional turmoil Humayun and Babur endure than the historical moment they are contributing to, a combination of powerful acting performances, subtly impactful production elements, and cohesive artistic direction make for a gripping and well-told story.” Arts Hub

“A great lie makes for dynamic and eventful storytelling, and a superb and entertaining ninety minute of live theatre.” Sydney Arts Guide

“Bali Padda and his very talented cast and crew have made Rajiv Joseph’s messages clear – and done so in a production that is very carefully envisioned.” – Stage Whispers 

“Bali Padda’s professional directorial debut is powerful – the early silliness of the guards’ banter becomes darker and the suspense builds toward the horrifying outcome. The striking set design, coupled with the sound effects and music, evoked a powerful atmosphere full of dark menace.

“The National Theatre of Parramatta’s production of Guards at the Taj is a highly entertaining, disturbing and thought-provoking piece of theatre.” Weekend Notes

Guards At The Taj is touching, funny and potent. Directed by Bali Padda, the play is a captivating exploration of how far friendship can be pushed and the tension between duty and humanity.”

Sondhi and Caplash are an excellent tag team. Sondhi centres the exuberant expressiveness of his counterpart whilst Caplash teases out the lighter sides of his. The pair pinpoint moments of tenderness and humour against visceral atrocity that is shocking and unexpected.” – City Hub 

2 April – 30 March 2022

“In Orange Thrower Marillier has crafted a play that speaks buoyantly about diversity, difference, assimilation, the yearning for acceptance and the exhilarating power of determination. It is acutely honest, wittily satirical, and delightfully funny. Her writing is succinct. She draws her characters deftly. They are cleverly authentic – in the way they relate, the words they speak, and the way they speak them. Okenyo and her cast make them live in a production that is bright, fast-paced and expressive.” Stage Whispers 

“Often when work by people of colour is produced a reviewer, most times a white man, will complain that the art isn’t for them, that the target audience is other young women of colour – but that dismissal is just what Marillier speaks to. How can they see the richness in our accented voices and the patterns in our liveliness if they close their eyes to our stories?” Diversity Arts

1 – 10 September 2022

“Director Erin Taylor demonstrated expert control of the tone and pacing of the production by balancing the energy and humour of the teenaged characters against their troubling violence.”

“a thrilling drama told with deft skill and carefully crafted theatre-making.” – Night Writes 

“A wonderful theatrical experience, this clever play is a deeply disturbing Nordic tale of young adolescence” Sydney Arts Guide

‘Unrelenting horror’ builds in dark play about teen peer pressure – Sydney Morning Herald

“Erin Taylor’s taut direction for the National Theatre of Parramatta allows the unrelenting horror to build. The scenes in which a crucifix was stolen and a grave was robbed were particularly well-realised, the latter aided by Kelsey Lee’s effective lighting.”

“Under the fine direction of Erin Taylor, they become evocative, teenage narrators trying desperately to explain why they have collected a pile of precious and gory objects in an abandoned windmill.”

“Her direction of Koppel’s adaptation is deft and perceptive, sensitive to the challenges she is asking of her cast – and the anxious children they depict.” – Stage Whispers

20 – 29 October 2022

If you are looking for a relatable story about the Chinese Australian story, find no more. A Practical Guide To Self Defence is a must-see multimedia action-packed two-hander comedy that discusses everyday racism and identity from a vulnerable place.” – Theatre Travels

A Practical Guide to Self Defence is another piece of theatre that realises NTofP’s aim to produce work that “reflects the diversity of Australia today through contemporary and bold performances”. The play does all of that. It’s autobiographical and reflects the experience of many kids growing up in Australia’s multicultural society. It’s very contemporary, and it’s certainly bold. How often do you see martial arts in Sydney theatres? It’s also very funny!” Carol Wimmer Stage Whispers

‘A Practical Guide to Self Defence’ — a hilarious, touching, and nuanced look into the Asian-Australian experience

Yang writes with such natural authenticity, it is difficult to believe this is his first play — adopting a hybrid format many of us have likely never seen before in theatre. Honi Soit