Backstage Pass

This program is an opportunity for students to engage with theatre-making at National Theatre of Parramatta. As a package of activities, Backstage Pass enables students to gain a deeper understanding of the theatre-making process from rehearsal through to post-production.

Backstage Pass is only offered to groups that see the play. Students participate in the following activities to supplement their attendance at a performance:

  1. First Read-Through
    Students get to observe and be a part of the design presentations (set, costume, lighting and sound) from the creative team and the script reading by the cast on the first day of rehearsal.
  2. Creative Workshop
    The creative team will take students through all design elements and how the show is being created on set.
  3. Post-show Discussion
    The show’s Directors engage with the students in an informal setting to talk further about how the show was realised, the production’s themes, the symbolism, characters and narrative.

Places are strictly limited for Backstage Pass and are by arrangement only

Please contact
Emma White