Employment and Work Experience Opportunities

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To apply for a position you need to provide a written application. To ensure you give yourself the best chance of being short-listed for a position you should do the following:

Read the Job Advertisement and Position Description Carefully

The Job Advertisement and Position Description help you decide whether the position is suitable for you, including the salary, employment conditions, duties and responsibilities. In addition, the Position Description identifies the key Selection Criteria and personal qualities required for the position in relation to qualifications, experience, knowledge, skills, abilities, interpersonal style and attributes.

Complete your CV and Cover Letter

Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) should be updated, clear and concise and provide an outline of your personal details, education and training, employment history and dates of previous positions. In addition, you should provide the contact details for two recent referees. Your Cover Letter should provide a general overview of your experience, a brief outline of which position you are applying for and the reasons why you are interested in the vacancy. For all positions, these need to be uploaded through the City of Parramatta Council online application process.

Responding to Selection Criteria

Some positions require you to include responses to Selection Criteria with your application. Your responses should concisely and fully describe how you consider yourself suitable against each of the Selection Criteria and where possible provide examples. Your statement addressing the Selection Criteria should be no more than 3 pages in length.

The wording of the Selection Criteria indicates the required level of knowledge, skills and abilities needed for the position. Examples include:

  • Demonstrated or proven ability means that you should have successfully performed the activity or used the skill in the past/actual experience rather than just having potential;
  • General ability or general knowledge implies that you have the potential to acquire the skill or knowledge – if you have not had direct experience with the aspects of work required in the position you could demonstrate your ability by comparing it to similar or equivalent responsibilities, tasks, etc. or relevant studies undertaken; and
  • Thoroughsound or high level gives an indication that advanced skill or knowledge is required.

Please note that if your application does not address each Selection Criteria when it is required, you reduce your chance of being short-listed for interview.

Complete the Position Application Form (Full time positions)

When applying for a full time position application is made online. The Position Vacancy Application Form is completed online once you select Apply Online. This process is through the City of Parramatta Council online application form.