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24 October – 9 November 2019

★★★★½ “A dazzling production that has you riding the roller-coaster plot with your jaw on the floor at the brazen, daring brilliance of the writing. It’s a play that feels fresh, fearless and very funny”.  Jo Litson,  Limelight 

★★★★ “It’s funny, insightful and packed with extraordinary erudition about the slang of diverse Asian cultures.” John Shand, The Sydney Morning Herald

★★★★ “…blisteringly funny satire” Debbie Zhou, Time Out Sydney

“…a dazzling unstoppable talent who, thanks to her Thai-Australian heritage, brings a fresh, sharp perspective to our theatre.” Deborah Jones, The Australian

“It is a sensational piece of writing, thoroughly researched and passionately rendered… a wildly funny theatrical ride that never releases us from its moral interrogations.” Suzy Wrong, Suzy Goes See

“Seven actors form a formidable ensemble to deliver an intelligent and highly entertaining show, that reveals many truths about who we are today.” Suzy Wrong, Suzy Goes See

13 – 14 September 2019

This production directed by Stefo Nantsou is great fun for both children and adults and succeeds in giving one a greater appreciation of the words of Shakespeare. Weekend Notes 

When Hafda’s chilled Syracus Antipholus digs into the rhythm of Shakespeare’s poetry for Asciak’s Luciana, he can make a crowd of schoolgirls squeal with delight. Audrey Journal

This clever adaptation of a classical farce finds all the funny and friendly bits and adds the contemporary references to keep the play as relevant as it would have been. Night Writes

I could see this travelling all over Australia for it’s wholehearted and enjoyable for every demographic. I love to see when happy, upbeat theatre is executed well so seeing Take Two: A Comedy Of Errors was delightful.  Buzz from Sydney

20 June – 29 June 2019

Girl in the Machine is a short, punchy play with strong performances, and it’s asking audiences to be thoughtful about their consumption, their gadgets, and their choices. It’s not a bad message to hear all over again. Time Out Sydney

Girl in the Machine only takes 50 minutes to unfold. But its message is delivered so succinctly.. Audrey Journal

 I fully recommend seeing Girl in the Machine for an insight of what might await us around the proverbial corner. Absolute Theatre

Girl In The Machine is an innovative, thought provoking and highly recommended piece of theatre on at Riverside. Buzz from Sydney

Benjamin Brockman’s lighting and Benjamin Pierpoint’s sound choices marry beautifully with events on stage. Theatre People 

14 March – 23 March 2019

★★★★½ Brant’s​ words would be nothing without an actor to give them wings, and Emily Havea​, skilfully directed by Dom Mercer (for National Theatre of Parramatta), takes us into the heavens with her, and then breaks our hearts with her fall from impervious god into something nearer a state of grace. Don’t miss this. It will burn itself into your mind. John Shand – Sydney Morning Herald 

★★★★½ [Grounded] is spectacularly relevant, brilliantly performed and scary as hell. Judith Greenway – ArtsHub

★★★★ Recommended – Havea has the goods, bringing her strong stage presence and an aura of confidence and capacity to the role. Jason Blake – Audrey Journal

Grounded delivers thrilling theatre, from take-off to landing. A major marvel. Come fly!  Richard Cotter – Australian Stage

Havea meets the challenge of this absorbing script in a performance that is rich and hungry, powerfully real and grippingly convincing. [Grounded] is a coup for Riverside, National Theatre of Parramatta, Dom Mercer and his creative team – and especially for Emily Havea. Carol Wimmer – Stage Whispers

Grounded is a role for a versatile actor with an incredible amount of endurance, and Emily Havea has proven to us why she is an actor to watch out for.Theatre Travels