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Riverside’s National Theatre of Parramatta is committed to capacity building and nurturing talent by providing opportunities for theatre practitioners both on and off stage to develop their craft. We are creating communities, access, visibility and infrastructure that supports and builds capacity for performance in our region and beyond.

“These stories really empower so many people and definitely the next generation.” – A Maki

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Our Staging the World skills and professional development program focuses on working with and providing support to artists from POC communities, utilizing significant POC international artists with experience, knowledge, networks and profiles that would assist developing artists in Australia forge strong professional careers.

We become better at our craft through working with and being inspired by people with expertise.

NTofP is building on the excellent foundation skills provided to many artists through our existing programs to ensure creatives from CaLD/POC backgrounds are able to benefit from an initiative which builds on and provide opportunities to obtain the next skills level. The feedback from audiences and critical acclaim from industry demonstrates that there is a hunger for high quality work from our diverse artists.

Staging the World will have a deep and lasting effect on the creative community in Australia and our reach internationally.

The framework will include: Masterclasses, Workshops, Mentoring Assistance and support on a work in development.
As is the case with all NTofP programs we are focused on genuine outcomes, that have deep reach and ongoing impact in our creative community.
The program will include:

  • Advanced skills development not only for creative practice
  • Expertise in understanding organisational structures around the theatre world and how to navigate these,
  • Networking
  • Finished work from their own chosen creative practice which embraces diversity in its framework.
  • Opportunities to make choices where POC artists have agency because of the undeniable skills level of their craft.
  • Upskilling the larger POC creative community with the participants being mentors and providing support for other artists.
  • Wider based skills opportunities with masterclasses and workshops open to the general public.

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Corporate Partnership

A partnership between your company and the Riverside’s National Theatre of Parramatta will create opportunities for your clients, reward and entertain your colleagues, elevate your brand and make a real difference to your local community.

There is a wealth of talent ready to make incredible theatre in Western Sydney and beyond.

To find out more, contact Joanne Kee