Orange Thrower

By Kirsty Marillier

Mar 30 — Apr 2, 2022

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A National Theatre of Parramatta and Griffin Theatre Company co-production


The night is still. The air is hot and thick. From up on the roof, matching houses stretch as far as the eye can see. Welcome to the sunny suburb of Paradise.

While her folks are back in Johannesburg, Zadie is holding down the family fort. This means keeping her little sis away from bush doofs, avoiding the cute boy next door, and smiling when her nice white neighbours try to touch her hair.

All that changes when an unexpected visitor bursts back into Zadie’s life in the middle of the night, breaking the silence with loud music and even louder opinions. To make matters worse, someone’s been pelting the house with oranges. All of a sudden, Zadie’s got a big, sticky suburban mess on her hands.

Orange Thrower is the award-winning debut play from Kirsty Marillier. A fresh twist on the Australian coming-of-age story, this play is a joyful comedy, a curious mystery, and a poignant love letter to South African women.

Directed with zest by musician, performer and director Zindzi Okenyo, and starring a kick-arse ensemble playing larger-than-life characters.

Orange Thrower was developed through Griffin Studio and Sydney Theatre Company’s Rough Draft program, and received support from Green Door Theatre Company.

Orange Thrower contains sexual themes and depictions of drug use, racism and gun violence.

Wednesday 30 March 7.00pm
Thursday 31 March 7.00pm
Friday 1 April 7.00pm
Saturday 2 April 2.00pm
Saturday 2 April 7.00pm




Director Zindzi Okenyo
Designer Jeremy Allen
Lighting Designer Verity Hampson
Associate Lighting Designer Veronique Benett
Composer & Sound Designer Benjamin Pierpoint
Dramaturg Declan Greene
Directing Secondment Chemon Theys
Intimacy Director Cessalee Stovall
Wigs Stylist Dynae Wood
Stage Manager Hannah Crane
With Callan Colley, Angela Nica Sullen, Mariama Whitton, Gabriela van Wyk


“The diverse characters bounce off each other, lighting up the stage like a pinball machine, erupting into hysterical laughter, joyous dancing and quivering epiphanies.” Harriet Cunningham, The Sydney Morning Herald

“This team of creatives and visionaries have weathered storms and pandemics to bring this inspiring and thoughtful piece to the intimate space of the Stables Theatre.” Christina Donoghue, Limelight Magazine

Orange Thrower is a piece of theatre that is fresh, new and yet all too familiar at the same time. This is a stellar debut; a diverse piece of surreal storytelling that will have you thinking long after you’ve left the theatre.” Justin Clarke, Theatre Thoughts

“Often exuberantly funny and strutting the wild side, it also offers a deeply moving portrayal of the struggle to find self-acceptance.” Catherine Skipper, South Sydney Herald

“Pithy and zesty, Kirsty Marillier’s debut play Orange Thrower is a compact calling card for an emerging writer ready to be noticed.” Richard Cotter, Sydney Arts Guide

“Marillier’s script is constructed beautifully, with characters and dialogue that are incredibly grounded and multifaceted.” Gavin Roach, Australian Arts Review

“…An enjoyable 80 minutes of theatre, with genuinely funny moments, clever use of restricted space, and a likeable cast.” Rita Bratovich, Time Out

“There is something original in Marillier and Okenyo’s mode of storytelling that takes a little getting used to, with an innovative spirit that ultimately proves gratifying.” Suzy Wrong, Suzy Goes See

Kirsty Marillier has created a play with specific insight into one of the subcultures within Australia, that somehow also has a universality that speaks across lines of race and age.” Laura Heuston, Theatre Travels