DRAGON TALES: A Lunar New Year Festival

By Slanted Theatre

12 — 13 Feb 2024

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Slanted Theatre presents Dragon Tales, a captivating festival of new Asian-Australian works presented during the Lunar New Year. Spread over two magical nights on Monday, February 12, and Tuesday, February 13, this festival promises a unique blend of stories that traverse family ties, delve into the depths of the mafia, and confront the challenges of the entertainment industry. 

Presented by Slanted Theatre in partnership with National Theatre of Parramatta’s True West Program, Dragon Tales is a celebration of diverse voices and rich cultural narratives. Experience the vibrancy of Asian-Australian storytelling as we bring together tales that span generations and life experiences.

Slanted Theatre has been a driving force in supporting Asian artists, fostering creativity, and breaking barriers in the theatre landscape. With over 120 artists involved in our productions over three years, Dragon Tales is a testament to our commitment to building a community where every voice is heard.

Tickets $15 and $10 concession


Noodle Salad
by Eric Jiang
Directed by Monica Sayers
with Victor Y Z Xu, Teik Kim Pok, Jonathan Lim

Copy That
by Natalie Low
with Natalie Low

No More Hemsworths
by Wern Mak
Directed by Nicole Pingon
with Wern Mak, Harry Stacey, Rachel Seeto

Pending Payment 
by Sonia Dodd
Directed by Dominique Purdue
with Mym Kwa, Rachel Seeto

Ballet Brown
by Michele Gould
Directed by Nicole Pingon
with Jasper Lee-Lindsay, Melissa Gan, Chemon Theys, Skye Becker


Soy Sad
by Kevin Tran
Directed by Katie Ord
Jack Aldo

The Birds and the Besties
by Marie-Jo Orbase
Directed by Dominique Purdue
with Marie-Jo Orbase, Isabelle Nader

Australian Gangster
by and directed by James Hartley
with Natasha Cheng, Keiden Cheung, Mick Harris, Neil Parikh

Bin Room
by Serena Coady
Directed by Aileen Hyunh
with Monica Kumar, Cynthia Ng

A Chinese Christmas
by Trent Foo
Directed by Adam Yoon
with Jolin Jiang, Hugo Liu, Tiang Lim

My Big Fat Asian Wedding
by and directed by Eezu Tan
with Susan Young, Keiden Cheung, Melissa Gan, Gerwin Widjaja