Meet the Director – Warwick Doddrell

May 26, 2021

Remember reading Harry Potter for the first time? Swept away in a strange world, full of amazing creatures, as a hero defeats the villain? Or those fantastic ‘choose your own adventure’ books from the 90’s; turn to page 34 to face the dragon! When first reading the play I was immediately captured by the interactive fantasy adventure ahead of me – which choices would I make, what dangers would we face? But as the story grew darker, I was stunned by the depths it mined. I saw my own thoughts and fears expressed in these characters. 


Co – written by a young playwright, the play is inspired from his own experiences with anxiety, and captures those scary personal moments of darkness. Paired with the perspective of Pig, Sam’s best friend who wants to help – the play ingeniously shares both the inner experience and that of a parent or friend learning to support their loved one. In its early drafting process, the playwrights were advised to soften the darkness and take out references to death because it  was thought  too scary for audiences. But this was the point – to go to these places – to put the terrifying fears of young people on stage to share and learn to find a way out. 

Maybe you’ve seen yourself in the play today, or someone close to you. Our hope is that you leave the theatre today with a sense of joy, adventure and hope, to fight your own villains and face the adventure ahead! 


from 29 May 2021