Meet the cast : Johnny Nasser

December 19, 2019

What do you look for in a role and what drew you to Lady Tabouli?
Any character will have flaws and complexities and if these things are apparent (but not necessarily obvious) on the page, then I’m likely to be interested.  I was interested in James’ exploration and questioning of culture in Lady Tabouli. He has a keen sense of observation, which at certain times made me laugh out loud.
How do you think audiences will react to Lady Tabouli?
I think some audiences will feel challenged, some may feel uncomfortable, and all will find relief in the delightful humour of the piece.
Have you worked with any of the cast or crew before?
First time working with everyone. I have known Dino and Deborah from around the theatre traps for some years and am really enjoying being in a rehearsal room with a passionate, talented bunch of people.
Tell me a little bit about your character – how have you prepared to get into the role?
Uncle Mark is the voice of reason in the family and he carries a heavy load. He feels a deep responsibility for Dannys’ spiritual wellbeing.
My cultural background is Lebanese/Australian, which helps give an insight into what drives Mark. Most of the work I’ve done on the character has taken place in the rehearsal room. Its an ongoing process discovering what makes this guy tick, and how to take Mark from the page, to making him a living, breathing, fleshy human. Thats the aim anyway!
What is you relationship with Western Sydney?

I live East of there! Redfern, in fact, but I have a very strong culinary relationship with Western Sydney. The food out here is the best! Even when I’m not working here, I’ll come here regularly to my favourite eating haunts.

9 – 18 Jan 2020