Meet The Cast: Gabriel Fancourt

September 9, 2019

What attracted you  to Take Two: A Comedy of Errors?

I had just worked with Hilary Bell on another production, and had such a great time working with her that I jumped at the chance to do it again. She’s so generous in the room and brings such a spirit of collaboration to a project that she’s a joy to work with. 

At it’s heart the show is very silly and very fun. Shakespeare can be difficult to understand, especially for younger audiences, but I think we’ve got a show that is super accessible and fun for the whole family while still bringing to light the core themes of the play, like the importance of family and the bond between siblings. 

 I’m passionate about all of Shakespeare’s works, they have so much to offer and are rich with insight and humor. I think we have a tendency though to put Shakespeare on a pedestal, and it can feel inaccessible or intimidating to many people. Hilary has done an incredible job of unlocking the text and making it so clear for younger viewers while remaining true to the source material. I feel very strongly about introducing younger audiences to Shakespeare’s works in a way that is inclusive and most importantly, fun!

 What are you most excited about working on this production.

Working/improvising with other actors and developing the text.

 How have you prepared to get into your role?

 I play seven characters in the show, and I’ve found that filling them out comes down to what you bring to the floor. I like to prepare by reading the text closely and having a strong understanding of the scene, and then just stepping into the rehearsal room and playing off the other actors. I like to do a lot of improvisation and throw out as any different offers as I can on the floor, and it’s there that you really find what works and what doesn’t. 

 What experience do you have with Shakespeare ?

I’ve worked on Shakespeare’s plays most of my career, with Bell Shakespeare company and Sport for Jove, with whom I also teach Shakespeare. 

Have you worked with Stefo or Hilary before?

 I worked with Hilary recently on a adaption of Moliere’s The Hypochondriac. I’ve never worked with Stefo before, but he has an incredible sense of play, and really lets the actors explore and try different things. It’s a bit mad, but that spirit of silliness and foolery really comes through in the show.