Meet the Cast : Brandon McClelland 

June 7, 2019

Brandon McClelland  took time out of his acting schedule to chat with us about his role in our upcoming production of GIRL IN THE MACHINE.

What do you look for in a role and what drew you to Girl in The Machine?

I look for a challenge, firstly. Some point of difference between myself and the character to explore. I’ve not much interest in just being myself, I do that everyday. Secondly, and the thing that drew me most to this production, is the people who I’d get to work with. I’ve been such a fan of Claudia Barrie’s previous productions so I couldn’t possibly say no to the opportunity to work with one of theatre’s most interesting directors. Chantelle Jamieson has such a generous and honest presence and that’s a rare gift. I’m sure I’ll learn a thing or two working opposite her.

Why should people come and see Girl in the Machine?

It’s a taut sci-fi script, directed by the brilliant Claudia Barrie, that is sure to be a rip-roaring watch.

What is your relationship with new technology –  are you an early adapter?

Not at all. Too expensive to be chasing trends. I figure that the gadgets that are genuinely useful hang around long enough to be affordable. Besides, if all else fails, sometimes the old ways are the best.

What have you been working on?

I’ve just wrapped on season two of Stan’s The Other Guy and the fourth season of ABC’s Black Comedy. 

Do you have a connection to Western Sydney – if yes can you elaborate?

I was born in Penrith and I now live in Parramatta. It’s also lovely to be back working with the team at the National Theatre after last year’s production of Flight Paths.

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