Creative Futures : Pippa Ellams

June 17, 2019

We spoke with Pippa Ellams, our Creative Futures participant for Girl in the Machine. 

National Theatre of Parramatta is committed to capacity building in Western Sydney and has launched a Creative Futures Program for creatives, production and back stage opportunities. The scheme provides on the job learning and networking opportunities, enabling each participant to advance their careers within their nominated field.

What is your involvement with the production GIRL IN THE MACHINE?

As part of the creative futures program I am able to attend all rehearsals and production meetings.  I act as a sort of extra pair of eyes and ears in the room. I am there mostly to be a excited sponge, soaking up any observations and pointers that are going to help me further my knowledge of how the Sydney theatre scene runs.

 What would you like to get out of the Creative Futures  program?

I would like to use the knowledge and insight gained from the rehearsal room of Girl in the Machine to help me solve any creative problems/issues down the track. I learn best through observation and analysis. At the end of this experience I’m interested to see what new aspects have been brought to my creative practice. 

 Tell me about your experience so far?

It’s been great to get to know different creatives outside of the usual people I work with. It’s taught me that there are many different approaches to work and collaboration. It’s also nice to be able to be involved with a theatre company so local to where I grew up. 

 Why is Creative Futures an important program?

There are not a lot of opportunities for young creatives to spend so much time inside the rehearsal room. As a writer, to see the production through from start to finish is an invaluable learning opportunity. To be able to observe from the inside the workings of a professional theatre company such as National Theatre of Parramatta is integral to my career as an artist.

 What excites you about GIRL IN THE MACHINE?

Girl in the Machine speaks to the role technology can play within our personal relationships and how damaging that can sometimes be. Whether that’s as simple as paying more attention to your phone than your partner, or in this case letting a device take you out of reality completely. 

  What do you have coming up next?

My latest play Band-aid Boy is currently in development with Pip and Han inc. (a company founded between myself and Hannah Goodwin).  I also hope to produce the latest incarnation of The Sorry Mum Project, a show dedicated to Mum’s everywhere. 

20 – 29 June