Introducing our 2019 POP and DPD participants

March 18, 2019

NTofP welcomes our 2019 participants in our POP – Playwrights of Parramatta and DPD – Directors Professional Development Program.

The aim of this program is to create a space for directors and playwrights to attend productions and participate in a conversation with a theatrical professional about the craft of playwriting and directing.

2019 POP – Playwrights of Parramatta  participants 

Eliza Oliver
Monica Kumar
Bernadette Fam
Elisa Cristallo
Miranda Aguilar
Courtnee Leigh
Kathryn  Yuen
Tricia-Lyn  Morosin
Jason  Gray
David  Molloy

2019 DPD – Directors Professional Development program 

Elizabeth  Ross-Ward
Shy  Magsalin
Andrew  Lee
Shondelle  Pratt
Hannah  Goodwin
Erin  James
Jules  Orcullo
Shelley  Casey
Dan Graham
Scarlet McGlynn

Being part of POP was a wonderful experience. It allowed me to connect with other local artists, and gain insight into the artistic processes of writers, directors and dramaturg“.  Lana – Participant of 2018 POP program

“Through POP, I had access to theatre practitioners who explained how they managed to develop their works and how they overcame challenges in mounting their productions. Viewing those productions also incidentally has given me ideas for adept use of ancillary elements such as staging, lighting, sounds effects etc… particularly on a small budget.” Summer – Participant of 2017 POP program