2019 Season Launch

September 7, 2018

Welcome to our 2019 season launch!

Quite fittingly as National Theatre of Parramatta finds its place in the world we are looking at identity, from physical versus virtual and the issues that fall from that, to mistaken identities and what defines us from the head to the heart. Our plays run the gamut with comedy and sharp observations of actions motivated by sex, obsession and greed, yet they are counterbalanced by love and humanity. Along the way you can laugh and cry and be transported to other worlds.

To kick off the year we explore the human psyche, and how love changes our perceptions. We tie into modern society and the unanticipated consequences of new technologies in our first multi-award winning play GROUNDED by George Brant.

Stef Smith‘s GIRL IN THE MACHINE explores the yearning for bliss and asks the ultimate question “Do you want to live forever? Is love enough in our brave new world?”. We explore a point in our world where a dystopian future is actually here. Yet within these scenarios, humanity plays its role uncovering strength from adversity, speaking to our history and our future, of resilience and hope.

From there we jump to the sheer joy and craziness of life with a delightful adaptation of Shakespeare’s COMEDY OF ERRORS from Hilary Bell. Aimed at younger audiences, a gloriously funny theatrical experience for any age.

We wrap up the year with our first co-production with Sydney Theatre Company WHITE PEARL by Anchuli Felicia King. A sassy and bitingly hilarious piece focussing on an Asian multinational cosmetics corporation. Based in Singapore, this play looks at cultural identity, perceptions of beauty, power, money, social media with some sex and “eurotrash” thrown in for good measure.

Riverside’s National Theatre of Parramatta proudly brings these premieres to our stages. Once again, we look forward to sharing these stories with you and hope that they touch your heart and soul, as we continue to present work that resonates with the world around us.

Joanne Kee
Executive Producer, National Theatre of Parramatta