Creative Futures : James Elazzi

March 23, 2018

We met our first Creative Futures participant for the year James Elazzi during our Page To Stage playwriting mentorship program. James is a promising writer, one of three emerging playwrights represented at this year’s National Play Festival showcase True West.

He joined Australian writer Julian Larnach and the creative team behind FLIGHT PATHS from development to its world premiere season at Riverside Theatres.

“Being part of the Creative Futures program on Flight Paths has given me the rare opportunity to view a play from inception. I observed the transformation of the script and it’s coming to life, whether it be the actors weaving into their characters, or having the first-hand knowledge of the processes behind the costume, stage design and sound. It has allowed me to completely understand the creative process and some time intricate detail of what it takes to run a full scale production.

Observing and taking part in vital meetings with all the creative team, including the playwright Julian Larnach and the visionary director, Anthea Williams, has widened my perspective of what it entails to create a full-scale production. I was able to observe the process of rewriting vital sections of the script along with the director allowing the play to have its own wings and eventually fly. This opportunity will inevitably play a major part in how I write and my instinctual creative outlook processes.”