The Incredible Here and Now: Reviews

August 9, 2017

Thanks to everyone who came to see our season of The Incredible Here and Now. About two years ago we commissioned local author Felicity Castagna to adapt for the stage her award-winning novel for which she won a Prime Minister’s Literary Award. The play was directed by director, producer and actor Jeneffa Soldatic with Wayne Harrison.

Our wonderful cast featured Bardiya McKinnon, Alex Cubis, Caroline Brazier, Libby Asciak, Ryan Peters, Olivia Simone and Sal Sharah. Here’s what the media and audience members had to say about the show.

“Whilst centred on Parramatta the work still resonates with those that may not be as familiar with the area. This is a human story that is relatable regardless of where someone may live”
“For everyone that has been a teenager, for those that have children, families and friends, this work speaks to a broad audience, not just those that live in the Western suburbs. Presented with humour and compassion, THE INCREDIBLE HERE AND NOW is a wonderful new Australian play telling Australian stories that everyone should see and hopefully it will return to an Australian stage soon.”
Jade Kops – Broadway World

“It was the perfect blend of human story and world view. Warm and funny and human and thought-provoking… THE INCREDIBLE HERE AND NOW is a high quality, exciting and resonant production which is ultimately accepting of the progress around it.”
Judith Greenway – Sydney Arts Guide

“The beauty of this play was that it finally, finally understood where I’d come from. Michael and I are not the same person, but his grief and growing pains were played out in areas of Sydney I’ve also grown up in… I don’t know if Felicity Castagna knows this, but through Michael and his friends, up on stage, my past in Parramatta has been validated. ” Erica Enriquez – Weekend Notes 

“It was such a fantastic show that should be shown to people beyond Western Sydney and the most moving and enjoyable thing I’ve seen this year. ”