Call Out for Asian Australians in Western Sydney

July 5, 2016

Call Out for stories from Asian Australians from Western Sydney.

An exciting new co-production between National Theatre of Parramatta and Performance 4a.

Who Speaks For Me? These are “lost in translation” moments that may be hilarious, frustrating or profoundly moving, presented in a personal and compelling performance with photographic projections.

Inspired by the common experience for migrants to Australia who don’t speak English. When another member of the family, usually a child, becomes their voice, traditional relationships are upended.

William Yang and Annette Shun Wah have teamed up to create a new show with us and Performance 4a as part of our 2016 season at Riverside Theatres this October. We want to hear about the experiences of Asian Australians in Western Sydney – funny, sad, insightful moments.

Do you have some good stories to tell? Email with a brief outline of your story and your contact details.