By Jane Harrison

2 — 17 Jun 2016

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By Jane Harrison

Following the success of the play readings of Stolen at Riverside Theatres in 2013 and 2015, the National Theatre of Parramatta will be premiering a new fully staged production in 2016.

A  must see for all Australians

Insightful and moving, Stolen tells the stories of five individuals from the Stolen generation.

What happens in a world without family? What happens to a person who lives without love? A world where there is no one to keep you safe. Does our sense of family and community influence our future?

This play is as relevant today as it was twenty years ago.  Themes of loss and love, the poignancy of five children’s experiences, struggling to make sense of their world.

Stolen will continue to resonate long after you return to your home.

National Theatre of Parramatta premieres a new production of this acclaimed Australian classic, Stolen by Jane Harrison and directed by renowned Aboriginal performance maker, Vicki Van Hout.

Please Note: This production contains coarse language and adult themes

Download a PDF version of the Stolen program here: Stolen Program
Download a Word version of the Stolen program here: Stolen Program

Dates & Times

Thursday 2 June 11am (Plus Q&A) & 7:30pm
Friday 3 June 7:30pm
Saturday 4 June 2:15pm & 7:30pm
Tuesday 7 June 11am (Plus Q&A)
Wednesday 8 June 11am (Plus Q&A) & 7:30pm
Thursday 9 June 11am (Plus Q&A)
Friday 10 June 11am (Plus Q&A) & 7:30pm
Saturday 11 June 2:15pm & 7:30pm
Tuesday 14 June 10am (Plus Q&A) & 1pm (Plus Q&A)
Wednesday 15 June 10am (Plus Q&A) & 1pm (Plus Q&A)
Thursday 16 June 10am (Plus Q&A) & 1pm (Plus Q&A)
Friday 17 June 10am (Plus Q&A) & 1pm (Plus Q&A) 

Special Event – Stolen: 20 Years On


Join us for a special Q&A session with playwright Jane Harrison and director Vicki Van Hout as they discuss the challenges of producing Stolen 20 years ago and now.

Approximately 1 hour

Free, bookings essential

School Bookings & Resources

Suitable for Years 10 – 12


$26 per student/additional teacher (1 teacher free per 20 students)
Schools – Please download and fill out the booking form


One of the commitments of National Theatre of Parramatta is to present a significant new education production annually. National Theatre of Parramatta want to ensure quality professional productions of curriculum related texts for YOU, our school community, made by artists in Western Sydney. I can’t think of a better text for the premiere year than Stolen. Not only is it rarely done professionally (the last professional production in NSW was in 2000) but we know this will be a production you have been waiting to bring your students to. It goes without saying that Stolen is on the HSC course prescriptions for Drama. It also happens to be a POIGNANT, well-written and thoughtful exposé of what an entire generation of Australians have lived through and are still feeling the effects of. Vicki Van Hout, a choreographer and dance theatre director, will give a new spin on this text. Be prepared for a beautiful and moving, yet raw and real production.


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    Fax: 02 9683 3267
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Stolen Curriculum Links

Stolen Teachers Resources and Notes


Download the social story for Lennox Theatre here: Lennox Social Story

Cast and Creatives


Henrietta Baird

Matilda Brown

Mathew Cooper

Berthalia Selina Reuben

Kerri Simpson


Directed By
Vicki Van Hout

Designed By
Imogen Ross

Lighting and Video Designer
Toby K

Composer and Sound Designer
Phil Downing

Production Manager
Annette Rowlison

Stage Manager
Carl Sciberras

Assistant to the Director
Bianca ‘Bee’ Cruse



“Van Hout and her ensemble have delivered a fresh and emotionally affecting take on an Australian classic, well worth the trip to Sydney’s west for those who normally restrict their theatre diet to within their capital city”. – Steve Dow, Limelight Magazine

“Stolen has, over the last 18 years, become a modern classic, and this new production offers a slightly different spin on the text. And it’s entirely appropriate that it’s created for the new National Theatre of Parramatta, where the country’s first “native institution” was established just over two centuries ago to “civilise” Aboriginal people. The play is at once a chance to reflect on the tragedies of our recent past and a celebration of the endurance of Aboriginal people and their diverse cultures.” – Ben Neutze, DailyReview

“Van Hout is better known as a choreographer and contemporary performance maker and her production, as you might expect, is strikingly physical at times with trauma described in surprising or at least unusual ways…this is an arresting piece of theatremaking with an experimental edge to it.” – Jason Blake, Sydney Morning Herald

“This production, infused with dance and song cycle, is an innovative and energetic entre into the study of this powerful, enduring and evolving text.” – Richard Cotter, Australian Stage

“The individual stories woven into the piece are powerful, and so obviously indicative of the experiences of many of the 100,000 stolen children and their families. Harrison’s words are thoughtfully chosen, each character’s plight described with sensitivity, and it’s largely very matter-of-fact in its tone. There are fleeting moments of humour, which appropriately incorporate moments of lightness into an otherwise heavy piece. What’s especially satisfying about Harrison’s text is that there’s no tendency to craft the storytelling in a manner that tries to maximise dramatic impact. Each character’s experience speaks for itself, and Harrison’s restrained text allows it do so. That simplicity is matched in the performances of the ensemble cast, which ooze authenticity and nothing is ever in danger of feeling overwrought…Van Hout has worked with co-designer Imogen Ross to create a production design well paired to the text. Especially impressive is the use of cardboard for much of the set, which suggests the transiency, fragmentation and fragility of the worlds of each character, and everything within those world.” Theatrepeople

“Van Hout has inter-woven and augmented the scenes with beautifully choreographed and performed dance and movement segments,  that heighten the anguish and despair of the stories, yet infuse them with a renaissance of identity and hope.” – Carol Wimmer, Stage Whispers

“The second work in the first season by the National Theatre of Parramatta, Stolen reflects the Riverside’s mission to present work that resonates with audiences, allowing them to immerse themselves in issues that have dramatically and unfairly impacted on the well-being of our indigenous community.” – Lynne Lancaster, Sydney Arts Guide

“Van Hout’s production is expansive, earthy, and generous…Here, this production of Stolen is at its best: confronting, hurting, angry, honest.” – Cassie Tongue, TimeOut Sydney


National Theatre of Parramatta continues to celebrate its inaugural season with its second production, Stolen, by Jane Harrison. This classic and important work will be brought to life in a bold, inspired and contemporary fashion on Riverside’s stage in June. Catherine Skipper from South Sydney Herald caught up with accomplished indigenous independent artist, Vicki van Hout, who is directing this production. – South Sydney Herald

National Theatre to host Jane Harrison’s acclaimed historical text – Herald Sun

Twenty years on and Parramatta Riverside play Stolen still a poignant reminder to act with humanity. “These works do more than entertain, they are a symbol, a magnifying glass trained on society, using our past foibles as a tool for the way to move forward.”  – The Daily Telegraph

Stolen back on stage to reinforce ‘a way forward.’ “It is important that works like Stolen, which reveal a social atrocity, remain in the public realm because they act as reminders to behave with kindness and integrity.” – National Indigenous Times

Stolen close to Bee’s heart. Lansvale resident, Bee Cruse awarded professional mentorship at National Theatre of Parramatta – Fairfield City Champion

Interview with NTofP’s Creative Futures Program participant, Bee Cruse: “I am a person who chases me dreams, no matter how out there or how crazy, I believe that I can do it.”  The Westies

National Theatre of Parramatta to Present Jane Harrison’s Stolen – Broadway World

Interview with director Vicki Van Hout – Alt Media

“In a kaleidoscope of short scenes, the playwright delivers the experience of thousands through the prism of five characters who were forcibly removed from their families as children. Most of the stories are told by the characters as children, and the language is poetic and impressionistic. Van Hout describes it as a kind of modern Dreaming, or song-cycle: a nonlinear, episodic and more fluid form of storytelling.” – TimeOut Sydney

“As National Theatre of Parramatta’s second major work in their inaugural season, Stolen will reflect the company’s mission to present work that resonates with audiences, allowing them to immerse themselves in a story about the importance of family, the issues that have impacted strongly on Aboriginal families and the history of a nation.” – Arts Review

Stealing beauty: Vicki Van Hout talks National Theatre of Parramatta.“It’s all happening out there. I don’t know who the town planner is, but the face of Parramatta is changing drastically. I’ve been collaborating with people out there substantially now for about seven years, and that’s really where most of my work is fuelled.” – Dance Informa

Jane Harrison play returns to Parramatta stage for students. Stolen returns in 2016 as part of Riverside Theatres’ extensive education program. – ArtsHub