By Synarcade Audio-Visuals and directed by Mark Bolotin.

Dec 8, 2021

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Cinema is dead.

A projection of the past…  put into a rectangular coffin-frame… watched by a passive audience in the dark.

But what if cinema came alive?

Etc. is a series of short new multimedia experiments, designed to play with our notions of what cinema, performance and audience can be.

Etc. wants to wake the audience.
Etc. wants to break the frame.
Etc. wants to shake things up!

These playful and provocative new experiments are conceived and directed by Mark Bolotin of Synarcade Audio-Visuals.

Synarcade has created critically-acclaimed large-scale multimedia work across the world – including for the Sydney Opera House, New York Hall of Science, Museum of Modern Art Zagreb, TEDxSydney and many more (

Two proof-of-concept sessions will be held at the Raffertys Cinema at 1pm and 8pm on the 8th December 2021.

Come see Etc. – Experiments in Theatre and Cinema.

Supported by NIDA and the National Theatre of Parramatta.

This is a work in development – please join us for a Q&A session after the show.

Suitable for 16+


Production may contain course language. 

Live camera work may capture audience members, but it will not be recorded or broadcast.