A note from Karim playwright: James Elazzi

June 24, 2024


I am James Elazzi, the writer of Karimwhich opens in July, one of the coldest months of the year. But inside that theatre, it is going to be warm. Not only will those heaters be on, Karim is set in summer, in rural NSW. Allow me to take you away to another place, another time and come on the journey of these four characters that I have written. Swimming in bush creeks and sitting on top of an old train station house is where you will be for a little over an hour.

I have always been fascinated by people’s upbringing and how it shapes them into the person they become. Our backgrounds play a significant role in defining who we are, and this perspective has greatly influenced my approach to creating this play and its characters.

As adults, we often reach a point where we either reject our upbringing or come to terms with it and move forward. However, factors such as culture, heritage, and the status quo all contribute to this process. In Karim, family and responsibility are central themes, reflecting my own personal experiences. This includes the familial guilt, which is an undeniable aspect of my culture and forms the basis of Karim’s story.

I wanted to explore the repercussions of being continually pulled back by one’s background and the realisation that one cannot stay where they are expected to belong. It takes significant strength to break away, find the necessary support, and confront the invisible energy of guilt that resides within us.

Karim is a play that promises to take you on a heartfelt, funny, and memorable journey at the theatre. Get ready to immerse yourself in a story that challenges unexplored narratives and celebrates the richness of Australian culture.

Can’t wait to see you there!

James Elazzi
Playwright and Co-director

Karim from 25 July at Riverside Theatres
BOOKINGS: https://nationaltheatreofparramatta.com.au/show/karim/


image: Magnolia Sparke