Rough Draft: Queen Fatima by James Elazzi

October 2, 2020

Tune in on Sat 10 Oct at 4pm AEST for a free live-streamed reading, sampling a play in development: Queen Fatima by James Elazzi – another offering from the STC Virtual program presented in association with Riverside’s National Theatre of Parramatta.


Rough Drafts support the development of new Australian works by providing artists with an opportunity to experiment and grow their ideas. Writers, directors and theatre makers are given access to a rehearsal space, a paid team of actors or creatives and dramaturgical support. They may use the time and resources to embark on something currently unscripted or they might choose to develop a script that is already complete in draft form. The outcomes vary greatly according to the project.

At the end of the workshop week, we invite you into the development process to have a sneak peek at extracts of the work in progress at the free public showing. These showings are an opportunity for the artists to test their ideas in front of an audience… and it’s a chance for you to learn about how new plays are made.


The 20 minute reading will be streamed live via Facebook on Sat 10 Oct at 4pm.

We encourage you to book a free ticket so that we can send you an email reminder with a link to watch the live-stream.

Note: you do not need a Facebook account to access the stream, you can still access the broadcast without an account.

Live stream event Sat 10 Oct, 4pm AEST
Approx duration 20mins. Subject to change.


Queen Fatima
by James Elazzi

Queen Fatima is a new play in development.

Fast approaching 31 Fatima is feeling the pressure from her bakery owning family to get married and have children. Her boyfriend, Karim, wants their relationship to remain secret. His high-flying, law firm owning parents definitely wouldn’t approve of the match. In an effort to prove to Karim and his family she is worthy of his love Fatima comes up with a plan to win Miss Australia Lebanon. Moonia, the pageant organiser accepts Fatima because this year they want a ‘diverse group of girls’ and Fatima ticks a box because she’s a little chubby.

With the help of her 74 year-old best friend Gada and her coffee cup readings, Fatima goes through a transformation that not even she expected.

Queen Fatima is a heart-warming comedy that flips stereotypes and reveals the paradigm shifting potential of ‘diversity quotas’.


Rough Draft #47 is presented in association with the National Theatre of Parramatta.

Rough Drafts are supported by Girgensohn Foundation