Meet the Cast : Matthew Pearce

October 26, 2019

What do you look for in a role and what drew you to White Pearl?

I love to find traits that are very similar to me in a character. It’s a great place to start building and playing.

I was drawn to White Pearl because of the world it is set in. The characters and cultural practices in it are something I have never experienced. It has been a massive education for me and I’m sure for many audience members.

Tell me a little bit about your character – How did you prepare to get into the role?

I play the role of Marcel. The French ex-boyfriend of one of the main characters. Such a complicated guy, driven by a mad passion. Finding him has been a journey. Finding accent material and hanging around French hospitality workers was helpful. However, I found out more about him while working on the floor with Cat and Priscilla. The key for me is all about the relationship and who they are together as well as alone.

It’s a joy to be with this crew. Everyone is professional, amazing at playing, and the freedom in the room has been electric. Many jokes have been had. I think the ladies taking me to my first yum cha was a laugh. Mainly for them as they made me eat chicken feet.

How do you think audiences will react to White Pearl?

I  hope they leave with tears of laughter in their eyes and many discussions to be had.

What are you working on next? 

Looking forward to a Christmas break for the first time in a few years. But up next we are being back Rolling Thunder Vietnam, touring in March. A rock drama about the Vietnam war told from the viewpoints of the soldiers. Very much looking forward to rocking out with Chong Lim and the band once more.

24 Oct – 9 Nov 2020