Meet the Cast : Libby Asciak

September 13, 2019

What attracted you to Take Two: A Comedy Of Errors and why is this play important to you?

I think it’s important for younger kids to enjoy the stories that Shakespeare wrote. They are such fabulous stories and Hilary Bell has done such a fabulous job of keeping the content but also making it appealing to kids.

How do you prepare to get into a role?

I read the material quite a few times and plot out my characters story line. I really enjoy just playing in the rehearsal room and bouncing off the other actors.

What is your relationship with Riverside’s National Theatre of Parramatta?

I worked for NTofP back in 2017 in The Incredible Here and Now. It was originally a novel written by Felicity Castagna and has been adapted into a play by Felicity and also us actors/ creatives who worked on the show. It was a special experience to workshop a new piece and also such a lovely company to work for.

As a child what memory stands out to you going to the theatre?

I was a very big theatre fan growing up. I remember seeing Beauty and the Beast with Hugh Jackman and having to have 2 booster seats as I was so tiny. I would always go to Stage Door after each show and have my program signed. Sometimes I would go twice and get them to sign it again. I was in awe of the actors and dreamed of one day having the chance to sign my own program for kids at Stage Door.

13 AND 14 September
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