Meet the Cast : Mansoor Noor

August 20, 2019

We spoke with Mansoor Noor who will be performing in our upcoming production of Take Two: A Comedy of Errors.

What attracted you to Take Two : A Comedy of Errors?

As a youngster I always struggled with Shakespeare, which felt like a whole new language, even though I already spoke two! This adaptation, by the wonderful Hilary Bell, breaks down those barriers by adapting it to modern english for a wider contemporary audience, and that was something I really wanted to get behind.

Why is this play important to you?

I think this play takes a very funny, classic text and let’s the audience experience it in a new way – whilst still keeping the fun. As well as being easier to understand, NTofP and Riverside make it much more affordable and therefore accessible to everyone, including those who might not have enough money to attend the other more expensive theatre companies or touring shows.

What do you love about comedy?

The thing I love most about doing comedy is the opportunity to play and have fun with others, and the joy it brings people.

How do you prepare to get into a role?

The text is always first and foremost for me. After finding all of the clues in the text about my character, I move onto the voice and body. For this role in particular the twin Dromeo’s have to be quite different, both vocally and physically, so they aren’t easily confused by the audience. Otherwise my performance becomes the real comedy of errors and people go home more confused than they arrived. 

Can you tell me  about your film work? What have you worked on and in what capacity?  

I’ve been fortunate to play a lot of different characters on screen, from a baddie cop in ABC’s, Cleverman to the head of the spacial and extra-terrestrial phenomena investigations (SEPI) unit on ABC’s, Trip For Biscuits. More recently, I wrapped on the new Channel 10 series, The Secrets She Keeps, playing lead journo Jeremy Clay, who exposes all the secrets… she keeps. And after Take Two: Comedy of Errors I’ll be heading to Perth to shoot a feature film titled, The Furnace. 

As a child what memory stands out to you going to the theatre?

As a kid, I didn’t get to go to the theatre a lot outside of school excursions, but one of my favourite childhood memories is when small theatre troupes would visit my school and particularly, when they’d pull me up onto the stage as a “volunteer”. Some might say it was a self fulfilling prophecy.