Meet the Cast : Lindy Sardelic

July 19, 2019

What attracted you to Take Two: A Comedy of Errors?

I could never knock back Shakespeare, or an old fashioned farce and this is both! And of course the opportunity to work with a great director,  a great adaptation and in a lovely theatre.

And why is this play important to you?

An energetic comedy incorporating music in a modern setting drawing on universal themes and plots is theatre at its best, while it’s important to do modern work it’s also vital to revisit the classics.

What relationship to you have with Shakespeare’s work?

Whilst studying and performing Shakespeare at NIDA it wasn’t really until I was able to do four seasons playing Hermia/Snug in Midsummer Night’s Dream that I fully appreciated the richness and energy of Shakespeare’s writing. To be able to find new things after a hundred performances, to be led along by the complexity of the verse and yet still make audiences roar with laughter was a real pleasure. There is no rest for an actor performing Shakespeare!

Tell me more about the roles you play in the production. How do you prepare to get into a role?

I will be playing the jealous and feisty Adriana and the tragedy struck Egeon. Two roles that are very different. Before we get stuck into rehearsals I will be thinking about how to make these characters well rounded and of course very different to each other, one of the challenges of playing multiple roles. In comedy it’s also very important to understand what motivates characters….the more passionate the funnier it gets…so I’ll be thinking about what’s at stake for them…and what their relationship is to the other characters. I’ll also be taking my fitness level up a notch to keep up the pace!

Have you worked with Hilary Bell or Stefo Nantsou before?

Stefo and I have worked together regularly since 2008 when I first worked with Zeal Theatre.  He is an insightful and energetic director who really knows his audience. He also has a wonderful sense of humour, it’s always a pleasure to work with him.  I’m also excited to work with Hillary. Two great theatre minds!

As a child what memory stands out to you going to the theatre?

That being an actor must be a very weird job!

And lastly,  you are also a uke player!

I got hooked about six years ago, my husband and I had started a music school in Botany called Circle Music and we were looking for different workshops, as the ukulele community is large in Sydney we decided to have a few classes. I’d played guitar so it wasn’t a big leap to ukulele, and the community involved is great fun.  I now run a ukulele club once a month (The Ukulele Circle in Botany) and sing and play in a uke band called Fok Rok. We’re a little bit folk, a little bit rock! We like to play songs that you don’t normally associate with the ukulele. We are very excited to be appearing at the Central Coast Uke Festival in August and on the main stage of The Blue Mountains Uke Festival in February.

 13 and 14 September