Where Are They Now : Alex Cubis

January 23, 2018

Since we last saw him in The Incredible Here and Now written and adapted by Felicity Castagna, Australian actor Alex Cubis has been keeping busy writing, acting and producing.

Alex moved to Los Angeles where he created and starred in the award-winning mockumentary series Unverified for Funny or Die. He created and starred in Masculinity in Crisis on Amazon Video for which he was awarded three Best Actor Awards and was profiled in the Huffington Post and Bello Mag. Alex also shot a role on the Netflix hit series Dear White People.  

Alex runs a podcast called Honest Conversations with Alex Cubis in which he interviews successful creatives about the genesis of their ideas.

Alex explains he’s interested in using acting, writing and producing to “challenge audiences to think empathetically and critically about social and personal norms.”Huffington Post

Cubis explains that [Masculinity In Crisis] is, “at the most general level, a deconstruction of narcissistic masculinity” and that it also “speaks to a current climate of disillusionment around masculinity, particularly in regards millennials.”Filmink

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Photo: Claire Cornu
Banner Photo: Heidrun Löhr