Creative Futures: Concey Bosco

August 7, 2017

Concey Bosco continues her career development in our Creative Futures program this time as Assistant to the Stage Manager Kirsty Walker on the production of The Incredible Here and Now.

The production process for The Incredible Here and Now was a great learning platform, an invitation to observe Jeneffa Soldatic and Wayne Harrison at work, as they guide and encourage the actors in their choices that ultimately brought the characters and their vision to life.  The actors in their journey of discovery achieved this during rehearsals and on stage. “Nothing matters except the people in this room. They are the here and now” this statement best describes the overall process of this production.

Each scene in the five Acts was treated with so much time and focus Jeneffa encouraged and allow the actors every opportunity to find the truth in the moment for the characters and themselves as actors.

Working on this production has advanced my interpersonal skills as well as professionalism skills specific to directing. Jeneffa and Wayne collaborated well together and had a clear direction of where they wanted each scene to go while supporting the actors and Felicity Castagna’s truth. When directing it is most important to have a clear set vision however allow the time and room for the actors to have their own process in working towards achieving the same goal. There was space for trial and error which supported the overall production vision.

Felicity’s written words were brought to life and each character was embodied beautifully, through the actors own truth and belief. It has been such an honor to journey with Felicity, Jeneffa and Wayne in creating a new and familiar story that is close to home, Sydney. Without a doubt we can relate and recognize the characters and relationships portrayed in both the novel and play. I am thankful for the opportunity to partake in ‘The Incredible Here And Now’. 

Concey Bosco
Concey is a graduate from Excelsia College, with a Bachelor of Dramatic Art. Her production highlights include: Lighting Designer Much Ado about Nothing (2013), Assistant Stage Manager Sweet Charity (2014), Who Speak For Me? (2016), Superhal (2017). Simpson J, 202 (2017) Stage Manager Interior (2014), Hairspary Jr, (2015) Miss Reardon Drinks A Little (2015), Fame Jr (2016) Away (2016),  A Murder is Announced, (2017). Directed Interior (2014) and Crossfire (2015). Performance highlights include: Act Three, Scene Five (2013) Faust (2013) A Thousand Cranes (2013), The Main Thing and Blood Wedding (2014) The Outsiders (2015). Concey loves the theatre and enjoys every aspect of a theatre production.