Get the opportunity to work on KIRANA Children’s Opera

February 8, 2017

Riverside Theatres and National Theatre of Parramatta have partnered with Maltese company Soundscapes to bring an exciting and unique project, Kirana: Myths of Creations children’s opera by Ruben Zahra to life on Riverside’s stage.

This contemporary children’s opera will allow local music and dance students aged 10–14 years to participate directly in the creative process of the piece by contributing to the shaping of the music and drama. Inspired by the creation of myths and legends from China, India, Babylon and Mesopotamia, the students selected for this project and the professional artists will work together to develop music with percussion and dance to produce a high-quality performance.

Featuring a score for piano and percussion performed live by two professional musicians, the students will complement the soundtrack with a sequence of improvisations conducted by the composer himself. This project will also feature stunning animation by local students.

Workshop places are strictly limited. A maximum of 20 music students and 30 dance students will be accepted. Students must fill out an application form for this project on our website. Applicants will be selected based on experience.

All applicants must be available from 27 March – 2 April inclusive. Applications close on the 22nd February, for more information please click here.