Creative Futures – Kate Worsley

February 16, 2016

Kate Worsley our inaugural participant in the Creative Futures Program talks about her first weeks as Assistant to the Director, Kate Champion for the production of Swallow.

Being in the room for the creative development week for Swallow was extremely inspiring and exciting.  I was invited to take part in warm-ups and was privy to a number of conversations between creatives.  As an emerging director, I am passionate about combining text and a physical approach to making theatre. Therefore Swallow, directed by Kate Champion is an ideal process for me to observe. The creative development was spent exploring the form of the piece. The lack of stage directions allow a wonderful freedom for the director’s interpretation and it was thrilling to watch Kate begin to build the physicality of the characters and the space with the actors.  It was also great to observe how Kate fosters a collaborative environment with the creatives in the rehearsal room, something I always aim to do in my own work.  By the end of the creative development some exciting discoveries had been made about the form and the first scene of the play took a rough shape.  It will be fantastic to see how the creative team build on this when we return to the rehearsal room in March.

Kate WorsleyKate Worsley
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